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Dwayne Sodahberk

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Après une poignée de maxis et un CD-R sur Stuporsonika, son propre label, et quelques contributions à des compilations, Daniel Söderberg sort un premier album sur Tigerbeat6, le label de Kid 606, qu'il décrit comme un exercice schizophrénique aux croisées de la techno minimale de Kompakt, l'abstraction digitale de Mego et la hargne électrique de Touch & Go. Don't Want To Know You procède à une fine digestion des influences du jeune suédois et les agence en un premier album certes référencé mais très inspiré, laissant présager d'un avenir forcément radieux.

How were you first attracted to music ?
Can't remember, have always been.

Do you have any musical training ? Can you play instruments? Did you play in (punk) groups ?
I have no formal training, have been playing guitar since i was thirteen, electronics soon after that. I play in punk bands right now, actually. Well, maybe not literary punk, but rock with lots of noise. I also use a lot of guitar on the Dwayne Sodahberk tracks.

Is there/ Do you see an electronic musical scene in Sweden ? Are you part of it ?
Maybe there is a scene with minimal techno.. I don't feel part of it though, I think I'm too interested in noise and bombastic arrangements..

Your music is not exclusively electronic, i mean you seem to be very influenced by musical pop forms, are you ?
Yes, I listen a lot to for example guitar music, loud rock like Shellac, Bardo Pond, Slint; quieter stuff like Julie Doiron and Bedhead etc; and there's lots of good music from the 60's. And the early eighties.

How would you define Stuporsonika ? How would you introduce Studio Stuporsonika, is it your day-work ? And what about Average ? Who are your colleagues in these different (sub) labels ? What is the concept of Ritkiga Instrument series ?
Stuporsonika is just a simple label where we release things we feel like releasing. It started out very minimalistic, now it's more ...loose? and Studio Stuporsonika is what I do for a living -making music for commercials, web, film etc. Average is a label that's just as loose as Stuporsonika, a group of friends. I'm not so involved businesswise, I just make some music for it. Sven Andersson is one of the Average guys, he recently made an album for the british label Longhaul. Riktiga Instrument Series is a way to release any stupid ideas we might have. And it cost nothing and is fast released since it's
on CD-R. That's what we've been doing this year since we had no money for vinyl...

Is Car Race/Formule 1 a passion you share with some of your label colleagues ? Have you found interconnection between this and music ?
He he, yeah, Johan (aka E.Pr. aka Janosh Brando) and I do like sportscars. We went to Le Mans 24 Hours this summer. If there's a musical connection it has to be the massive sound of the 600 horsepowers from a sportscar prototype. It's quite unbelievable. And when there's 50 of them at the same time it's like a Merzbow concert.

How did you happen to release stuffs on Swayzak ?
Some guys from Average gave them a compilation at a festival and they liked a Dwayne-track and used it on their first 240 Volts Compilation.

Your music covers a really wide scope of styles ... from Mego to Kompakt (do you agree?). What will your new album sound like ?
It will be quite schizophrenic, from Mego to Kompakt as you suggest. Via Touch&Go...

How did you happen to release an album on Tigerbeat 6 ?
Kid 606 played in Stockholm in the spring of 2000, I gave him a CD-R. After six months he sent an email and said he liked it. To make a short story shorter...

How do you build tracks ? Does the mix of analogue and digital sounds plays a great part in the Dwayne's touch ?

It's an unorganized process with lots of random factors involved. I use computers, modular synthesizers, guitars, homebuilt things etc, whatever I feel necessary.

Any other plans of releases after the album on T6 ?
I'm working on a new EP for Tigerbeat6. And I've made a remix for Numbers from California. And there should be something out on Stuporsonika before 2002 is over. Not by me but Ralph Lundsten and maybe Janosh Brando. I'm doing some other things too, but more about that later...

(Christophe Taupin)

Interview réalisée en octobre 2002.

Dwayne Sodahberk Don't Want To Know You (Tigerbeat6)