circus maximus
circus 06.12.02
Ryo Co - Aurapoo (Mélange)
Dorine_muraille - Le Supplice De La Baignoire (Fat Cat)
Dwayne Sodahberk - Is Ok (Tigerbeat6)
Alder & Elius - Let's Begin Now (Consumers Research and Development)
Com.a - Magical Mischief (Romz/Tigerbeat6)
Battery Operated - Chase Through #8 (Cocosolidciti)

circus focus > Montréal

Aelab - s8 (Oral)
Jetone - Aerial Red (Force Inc.)
Désormais - Devant et Dessus (Intr_version)
Ghislain Poirier - Seul le fou compte les grains de sable (12K)
Deadbeat - For Israel (Jaffa Revisited) (Scape)
Mike Shannon - Slight Of Hand #3 (Force Inc.)
circus 13.12.02
Static - Turn On Switch Off (City Centre Offices)
Hausmeister - (Karaoke Kalk)
Sole - Salt On Everything (Anticon)
Themselves - Mouthful (Anticon)
Reaching Quiet - Out Of The Cold Into The Cabinet #4 (Mush)
E.D.A - LeFutur (Idwet)
Depth Affect - Asphalt (no label)
Com.a - Shot Of Love (Romz/Tigerbeat6)
Duplo Remote - (Fastflangerecords)
Timeblind - The Rastabomba (Kit Clayton rmx) (Orthlorng Musork)
Atom TM - Violence In ... (Inflatabl Rec.)
Ryo Co - Heyyoman !! (Mélange)
Queen Of Japan - I Love Rock'n'Roll (Erkrankung Durch Musique)
Schmoof - Disco Dancing (Angelika Koehlermann)
DMX Krew - I Won't Forget (Ghostly Int.)
Dwayne Sodahberk - Amenvaf (Tigerbeat6)
circus 20.12.02
Dorine_muraille - BBraallen (Fat Cat)
Tsuchika Yasuyuki - Live For (Progressive Form)
Jan Jelinek/Computer Soup - The New Anthem (Audiosphere)
Jan Jelinek - if's, and's and but's (Scape)
Harald Zack Ziegler - Das Koeln (Staubgold)
Joseph Suchy - Entskidoo A1 (Entenpfuhl)
Zammuto - Pointless New York Track (Apartment b)
Team Doyobi+Safety Scissors from 10 Blind Dates (Alku)
I -Sound & Daniel Raffel - City Song (Apartment b)
Wasteland - track #8 from Amen Fire (Transparent Sound)
Errorsmith - Most Elastic (Errorsmith)
Com.a - Cherryboy Trail (Romz/Tigerbeat6)