circus maximus
circus 08.11.02
AGF - Pianos (Mille Plateaux)
Out Hud - Dad, There's a little phrase called too much information (Kranky)
Max Tundra - Hilted (Domino)
Boricua All Stars - Sumba Lo Remix (Howlin' Records)
Dim Dim - Caramba (Audio Dregs)
Sole - Salt On Everything Instrumental pt. 3 (Anticon)
Themselves - #3 (Anticon)
Selection of tracks & Interview with Stéphane of Autres Directions

Ma Chérie For Painting - Medley feat XXX from "Autres Directions" (Taping Phone Desk)
Ma Chérie For Painting - Curo#1 from "Autres Directions" (Taping Phone Desk)
Icebreaker International - Port Of Dubai (Natoarts/It Records)
März - Introductory (Karaoke Kalk)
Schneider TM Kpt. Michi.gan - The Light 3000 (City Slang)
The Soft Pink Truth - Gender Studies (Soundslike)