circus maximus
circus 11.10.02
Guitar - House Full Of Time (Morr Music)
Casino vs. Japan - Summer Clip (Carpark)
Alias - Slow Motion People (Anticon)
Low Res - Heliotropic (Plug Research)
Nettle - Deep Waters Still Run (excerpt) (The Agriculture)
Hrvatski - Epoxy (Live) (Planet Mu)
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Feedback Zwei (Kranky)

circus focus > Safety Scissors / Proptronix

Safety Scissors - Rubber Stamp (Context)
Safety Scissors - (Water) Phone (Plug Research)
Safety Scissors - Your Beautiful Feet (Plug Research)
Safety Scissors - Mirror (Plug Research)
Safety Scissors - Fridgelife (Force Inc.)
Safety Scissors - Lawn For Show (Force Inc.)
Safety Scissors - Pom Pom Po p (Oni.Tor)
Pigeon Funk - Süsser Schlam (Proptronix)

proptronix website
circus 25.10.02
Jessica Bailiff - Swallowed (Kranky)
Barry 7 's Connectors 2 > Ennio Morricone - Iniziazone 72 (Lo Recordings)
Alias - Watching Water (Anticon)
Andreas Tilliander - Duplicity (feat. Fu Dogg) (Mille Plateaux)
EU - Puerto (Pause2)
Metamatics - Pro Leash Crease Rewired by Ilkae (Hydrogen Jukebox)
Burnt Friedmann and The Nu Dub Players - Fuck Back (Nonplace)
Deadbeat - For Palestine (Scape)
System - 2 (Scape)
Thomas Fehlmann - Seerosengiessen (Kompakt)
Jetone - Somatonin (Deluxe)
The Soft Pink Truth - Adeusz (Deluxe)
Luomo - The Present Lover (Force Inc.)