circus maximus
circus 07.03.03
Ellen Allien #5 from Berlinette (BPitchControl)
The Truffle Club - Perculatin (Stuff)
Dwayne Sodahberk - The Partying Without Inhibition Or Dignity (Tigerbeat6)
Lory D - T.T (Rephlex)
asciiDisko - Ne Travaillez Jamais (L'Age D'Or)
Mochipet - The Adventures Of Flamenco Boy (BTrendy)
circus minimus > small is beautiful

7" Fujiya & Miyagi - Electro Karaoke (Massive Advance)
7" Puffin Boy - High Livin' Round Seven Dials (Foolproof)
7" Amateur - Cunt Head (Melange)
Tim Hecker - Careless Whispers (Mille Plateaux)
Ultra Red - Vivienda Contra Autoridad (Original) (Beta Bodega)
Daedelus - Snooze Button (Eastern Developments)
Merit - Sorry (Plug Research)
Daedelus - Busy Signal Remix (Prefuse 73 Mix) (Eastern Developments)
MEAM - black label side (excerpt) (Skam)
Data 80 - Faded Photographs (Force Inc.)
Hakan Libdo - Freeze Lapd (Shitkatapult)
circus 14.03.03
Luciano - 17 (Bruchstuecke)
Luciano - Amélie on Ice#2 (no label)
Fonica - Twang (Tomlab)
Manitoba - Jacknuggeted (Leaf)
I'm Not A Gun - These Thoughts Break (City Centre Offices)
Ahmad Szabo - Para Eva (Eastern Developments)
Sixtoo - Outremont Mainline Runs Across The Sunset (Vertical Form)
Andre Afram Asmar - Dub : The Seven Seas (Mush)
Busdriver & Radioinactive w/ Daedelus - Carl Weathers (Mush)
Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher (Warp)
Main - Transiency III (Tigerbeat6)
Tim Hecker - Song Of The Highwire Shrimper (Mille Plateaux)
Ekkehard Ehlers/Stephan Mathieu - Rose (Orthlorng Musork)
Plain Brown Rapper - King Of The Sucka Beat (Inflatabl)
Leyenda - Stratosphere (War Edit) (Stuff)
Donna Summer - Documentary Disco Murders (Cock Rock Disco)

Jet FM broadcasted from Lieu Unique, Nantes from
7.00 to 0.00 for the first night of the IDEAL Festival