circus maximus
circus 10.01.03
Björk - It's In Our Hands (The Soft Pink Truth Mix) (One Little Indian)
Silicon Scally - Downtime (Scsi)
Trans Am - Cold War (Bombs and More Mix) Remixed by A Grape Dope (Thrill Jockey)
Out Hud - JGNDG (GSL/Lab2)
The Chap - Dror Frangi (Lo Recordings)
Cyann & Ben - Buick To The Moon (Gooom)
Daedelus - Playing Parties (Yesterday's New Quintet - The Stars Remix) (Plug Research)
Restiform Bodies - Teleprompter (6Months)
Dabrye - Hyped-up Plus Tax (Output Message Remix) (Ghostly Inernational)

circus focus Janek Schaefer
Janek Schaefer - Construction Five (excerpt) ((K-raa-K)3)
Janek Schaefer - Recorded Delivery > Evening 28/03/95 (excerpt) (Hot Air)
Janek Schaefer - Wash Bag Cut (Fat Cat)
Janek Schaefer - Above Buildings#3 (Fat Cat)
Comae - Trine (Rhiz)
Janek Schaefer - 85 : Rapid Xativa (AudiOh)


Pulseprogramming - Blooms eventually (Aesthetics)
circus 17.01.03
Rhythm & Sound w/ Love Joy - Best Friend (Burial Mix)
Wasteland - #4 (Transparent)
Janek Schaefer - 88 : Parallel Spoor (AudiOh!)
I-Sound & Daniel Raffel - Bottled Water (Apestaartje)
The Chap - I Got Flattened By A Pig Farmer (Lo Recordings)
Reaching Quiet - 113th Clean (Mush)
Five Deez - Sexual For Elizabeth (Tortoise Remix) (Counterflow)
Passage - Kagemusha Strobe (no label?)
Sole - Selling Live Water (Anticon)
Cato - Missing 2157 (ii) (Fastflangercords)
Flim - Little Rodaché (Tomlab)
Melodium - Thoughts Are Made Of Plastic (Disasters By Choice)
Freescha - Live And Learn Me (Craprak)

(short) circus focus "smaller is more beautiful" #1
3"CD Team Doyobi - Empire (Alku)
7" Sindri & Otto Von Schirach - sduisant lollipop (Imputor?)
7" Tokyo Windbag - Subway Lung (Control Tower)

circus 24.01.03
circus focus > Kevin Blechdom >>
Kevin Blechdom - Mr Miguel (Tigerbeat6)
Kevin Blechdom - She's a bitchhole(Violent Turd)
Kevin Blechdom - Ready 4 Love (Tigerbeat6)
Kevin Blechdom - Private Dancer (Tigerbeat6)
Asa-Chang & Junray - Kaikyo (Leaf)
Dorine Muraille - Techniques du Lexo (Fat Cat)
Black Dice - Seabirds, Things Will Never Be The Same (Fat Cat)
The Chap - Le Theme (Lo Recordings)
Abstrakt Keal Agram - A.C. (Gooom)
Stuntman 5 - Bretzel Arabesque (Effervescence)
Hrvatski - Equinox (Craprak)
Tennis - Contube Alomany (Electronicat Mix) (Bip Hop)
Satellite Footprintshop - Girl (Werkzeug)
M:I:5 - Zwölf (Profan)
(short) circus focus "smaller is more beautiful" #2
7" SoplerFo - Plus (Crabouiller)
7" Tomcats In Tokyo - Insurrection Coléoptère (Static Caravan)
7" The Council Flats Of Kingsbury - Dirty Floor (Uncharted Audio)
circus 31.01.03
Kevin Blechdom - I'm Nastay (Dudini)
Nova Huta - Nova Lidova (Stora)
Blitter - Skoropogovorki (Apartment b)
Takagi Masakatsu - Golden Town With Sunglasses (Craprak)
Sole - Plutonium (Anticon)
Manitoba - If Assholes Could Fly This Place Would Be A Airport (Leaf)
Com.a - Fickle Grief (Romz/Tigerbeat6)
Com.a - Dream And Hope (knee-stabbing.mix) Curtis Chip (Zod)
Venetian Snares - Icosikaipent (Planet Mu)
Jan Jelinek - Trust The Words Of Stevie (Scape)
I'm Not A Gun - Make Sense And Loose (City Centre Offices)
Benzo - Am Lagerfeuer (Laton)


circus focus > Tim Hecker
Jetone - Dakkar (Force Inc.)
Tim Hecker - The Work Of Art In The Age Of Cultural Overproduction (Substractif))
Tim Hecker - Introducing Carl Cocks (Substractif)